Harmeny AC are offering FREE MEMBERSHIP for both adults and kids (8+) until the end of lockdown.

We’ve noticed there are a lot of runners around the South West Edinburgh area at the moment and we’d love to encourage everyone to continue their running journey with help from the Scottish Athletics Impact Club of the Year (i.e. us!).  While we can’t offer you the social, coached or JogScotland running groups that we normally do, we can offer everyone advice on training, routes in the area, gear, and entry to Scottish Athletics virtual events (15min/30min Running challenge coming up at end of month for kids and adults (small fee applies), and a “Virtual Superteams” event being run over the next 4 weeks for younger kids – free) – and anything else running or athletics related. Once you sign up, you can join one of the private facebook groups (one for adults, one for kids) and get access to advice from our 350+ strong membership and 20+ coaching team.
This is open to BOTH adult runners and any kids who are interested. Once lockdown is over we’ll give you the choice about whether you’d like to join – currently £25 per year.

Sign up here:https://app.loveadmin.com/ThirdpartyRegistration.aspx?clubID=2e4c05af9bacaa46025ba1a15cc626c5

Or you can email harmenysec@gmail.com if you’d like more information.