Sunday morning was dry as we waited to register in the queue of the usual gluttons for their dose of sore muddy legs!

I enjoyed the bottleneck on the trail up Caerketton forcing me to walk up although at the back of my mind was I had to get to West Kip, the 9th summit, before the cut off time of 2hrs 15 mins. The churned up Drove Road, due to forestry operations, made Hare Hill seem easy terrain in comparison which is usually boggy. Running! through the heather I glanced at my watch at 2hrs15m to see a few runners on the kips who would have missed the strict cut off time. The descent of Hare Hill it was a bit slippery as one guy demonstrated bum sliding down, not quite the same speed as Lomond of Fife I was relieved to witness. After the long trudge over Black Hill it was nice to see Corrie who was clicking away getting some great colourful photos as she had brought the sun along with her! Next was the steep ascent of Bells Hill where stood the infamous Murdo who very kindly made me run round the back of him but gave me a jelly baby for doing so. Keith passed strongly, who had stopped to strip a layer off, this being the last long run on the build up of his big event, sorry Keith I still cant pronounce it, but look forward the race report! My running buddy David (Gala Harriers) kept cramping so reduced to walking and there limping up Harbour Hill was Luis (Lauderdale Limpers ) on the phone to his G.Friend asking the millionaire question? I have strained my hamstring how do i get to the end of this race:- a) walk b) helicopter c) cry? she had also twisted her ankle! I knew if stopped shuffling along I would never start again so I left the injured to struggle on together and finish they did. Lorna was the only other Harmeny runner that I saw, who after an amazing running year of WHW, Glencoe Skyline, completed the Pentland Skyline comfortably.

Thank you Carnethy for a well marshalled fun event
251 started 240 finished
Harmeny Runners 1st & 2nd Claim Members:-
Kirsty Mcbirnie 3:29 Rory Mitchell 3:38 Keith Martin 4:07
Carole Fortune 4:08 Lorna Broadhurst 4:18 Ian Davidson 4:46