This is the second year that we have ran this race as a group (The Friday morning group) . It is a little bit hilly in places, but it takes part in the city centre.

Taking part again this year in the group run were Eve Atkinson Worden, Gail Bruce, Shirley Rutherford, May Sharp, Hellen Tollitt and Myself. We were missing the Lovely Michelle Millar this year, but as London Marathon fell on the same day Michelle was off taking on a much bigger challenge.  Also, roped into this year’s group run we had Gail Peterson, Graham Harper and Tracy Manson.

The sun was shining, but it was still a bit chilly when we all met up before the start under the letter H for Harmeny. This was also a chance to wish other runner from Harmeny good luck as they would be running for a time, not with the group.

Then into the start pens for 10am and the pink wave set off around 10.22 am. Out the park we all went and before you know it we are running up the High Street, then down to towards Princes Street before tackling part of the mound. The marshals were all very encouraging and the group all did well at keeping each other in sight and re grouping, if the gap was a little too big. Through the Meadows we ran down a path with cherry blossom trees before heading to the Grassmarket, then up the next hill at the Pleasance.  Everyone was running well and supporting each other to get up the hill. Back into the park before heading in the opposite direction of the finish line. Along the Innocent railway line before another wee hill to get back to Duddingston. Then the final push back to the roundabout and the 9-mile Marker. It felt amazing running that last mile downhill, even on tired legs and with the finish in sight, we were all focused on finishing together. Arm in arm we took up the whole width of the finish area. Also taking part was Frances Turnbull, Christina Moorhouse, Barry Messenger and Gillian Page who had hung back after finishing the race to cheer us all in. Hugs all round and happy faces when the medals were put on. We followed this off by all going for a well-deserved afternoon tea and a wee glass of Fizz.

All in all, everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time and were delighted with what they had achieved.


Ann Laidlaw